How to Fix a Broken Book: John Checki

Anna David
2 min readDec 24, 2022
How to Fix a Broken Book: John Checki

Did you launch a book and have it not go according to plan?

That’s what happened to John Checki, which is why he’s the ideal person to feature on my new type of episode, “How to Fix a Broken Book.”

He released his book, Spend Time and Save Money, in 2020 and while it’s served as a business card for his son JJ (they wrote it together), it hasn’t moved the needle nearly as much as it could have.

And so we discussed how his title, cover, description, byline, publisher name and reviews, among many other things, could be improved.

I’m terribly excited about this because even though listeners can’t see the Amazon page in discussion (unless you go here), the episode contains so many actionable steps you can take if you’re gearing up for a launch (or want to launch your book so successfully that you don’t need to consider a re-launch).

John said he was going to implement these suggestions for a Thanksgiving relaunch and my plan is to reach out to listeners/subscribers whenever one of the books we’ve revamped in one of these episodes is relaunched and all support each other. (Except for me, who has been banned from doing Amazon reviews. We get into that in this episode.)

Enjoy and learn what not to do, or at least how to fix it. After all, it’s never too late to fix a broken book.

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