How to Get PR without Spending a Fortune with Christina Nicholson

Anna David
2 min readDec 30, 2022
How to Get PR without Spending a Fortune with Christina Nicholson

Christina Nicholson has seen all the bad publicity pitches.

A former TV anchor who hit “delete” faster than publicists could send her terrible pitches, Nicholson is the CEO of Media Maven, a PR agency that offers an online course and group program to help people get media coverage without having to hire a publicist.

Nicholson is also a TEDx speaker and the founder of Podcast Clout, a database for pitching podcasts. And she’s offered you — yes you, lucky listener — a 50% off coupon for the service.

To get Christina’s list of 16 outlets to pitch, click here. To get the exact pitch that got a newbie on TV in San Diego, click here. To check out her three-day bootcamp to nail a pitch, click here. To find out about her Media Mentoring Program, click here. And to get access to Podcast Clout for 50% off, click here and use the code LEGACY.

That’s a lot to do but I’m not done yet! Listen in on our conversation about the easiest ways to get PR, how to make a podcast want you, what do after your media appearance and so much more.

I also may have talked her out of doing the book she thought she was going to do and talked her into doing a different one.

It’s all in this episode! Enjoy.

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