The Business Transforming Book with Tamar Hermes & Carla Moreno

Anna David
19 min readMar 16, 2023

Tamar Hermes is a real estate investor with more than 20 years’ experience and the CEO of Wealth Building Concierge. Carla Moreno is a serial entrepreneur, realtor and real estate investor who has more than a decade of experience buying and selling family and luxury real estate.

The two have something in common in addition to real estate: they were both published by Legacy Launch Pad. Also, Tamar is Carla’s coach! In this episode, we talked about what Tamar’s book, The Millionairess Mentality, has done for her business a year later (including how she signed the baker who created the launch day cake we sent her as a client) and how Carla is going to use her just-launched book, Finding the Gold, as her platform for the rest of her career.

Listen in for their best tips on making the most of a book and what they say are the must-do’s for the launch.


Anna: Yes, we’re recording. Hi, guys.

Tamar: Hello, hello.

Carla: Hello Anna. Hi Tamar.

Anna: So this is a very special episode because I’ve never really done it like this before. But we’ve got, I’ve got two of my favorite clients whose books we’ve done, who work together. One of whom her book came out over a year ago, and I would say her life has transformed as a result to the point that she always talks about wanting to do a second book. And one whose book just came out, and we’re going to talk about what’s happened so far and what can happen as a result of the book. I’m going to let you guys talk now. So okay, so Carla, how are you feeling in the month, it’s the, after your launch? How are you feeling about putting your story out there?

Carla: I feel like super excited. Saturday was a launch party. It was a small, intimate, maybe like 50 people. And I, I just felt so amazing, because a lot of people came, came to me saying that they wanted to write a book. And just seeing that it’s possible to, to just make that determination and go ahead and follow the steps, follow through, was an inspiration for them to actually start taking action to write their book. So that was very powerful.

Anna: And I love that too, cause Tamar was your inspiration.

Carla: Tamar was the one that put all my ideas into actionable items to make this a goal. Because when I talked to Tamar, at first, I told her, well, I’m thinking about writing a book, but I’m not sure where to start. And Tamar had all the steps from A to Z. And she’s like, well, what’s stopping you from, from doing it right now? This is all you need to know. And, I would, I don’t think I would have written a book that quickly if it wasn’t because of Tamar and her inspiration, and her guidance through the process.

Tamar: Okay, I’m complete. I’m just gonna go now. I just, I love what you said, Carla, that you inspired so many people, because there’s so many layers to the inspiration of writing the book. For me, it was the same thing where I felt like I had certain knowledge, I had a story I wanted to share, and getting it out there and being a year in, and listening to women call me and write me and tell me that they read my book. And that they were inspired, that they bought properties because they learned how to do it. And they felt safer because of what I shared is, is really a game changer in life. I mean, this is what we want, we want to be, we want to be in the world and, and helping each other in creating and inspiring, and a book does that so beautifully.

Carla: Yeah, I agree.

Anna: So okay, so Tamar, if you had to say, what is the biggest change in your life or in people’s perception of you since you published the book?

Tamar: So I wrote down some notes, but from my heart…

Anna: Yes.

Tamar: The, the biggest thing has to do with the, the level of, of expertise that people now see me. So once you have a book it, it legitimizes what you feel, what you think, what you share. When you write it down, and people can read it or listen to it on an audio, they, they are taking in you at a whole other level. The other thing that I love, that ties into this too, Anna, you always talk about, what is it 83% of people want to write books and only 3% do.

Anna: Yeah, I think it’s 81% want to, but close enough.

Tamar: The, the beautiful thing about it is that once you are crossed the finish line, wow, look at what you’ve done. So not only have you done something that you really wanted to do, but then you also shared yourself so magnificently with the world. And then you’re being acknowledged, and, and opportunities come, and clients come and, and there’s, there’s an opportunity now I’m looking at doing a TED Talk. There’s all kinds of things that happen once you have a book. You’re at a different level of, of notoriety.

Anna: Yeah, yeah. So Carla, have you seen any of that yet? Or is it too soon?

Carla: Well, it’s not yet too soon. Well, for example, for the party, I just reached out to the city, to the Mayor of the City of Buren. And he was there, he bought a bunch of books and he posted it all over social media, how inspired it was to see Latina entrepreneur inspiring other Latinas. And I’m already starting to see that recognition, people reaching out through social media. And it just feels amazing because I think the most difficult part of writing a book is making the decision to actually do it. Because once you do, once you decide, it’s like the entire universe conspires, puts you in front of the right people like Tamar, like you, Anna, to make it, to make it happen. So I know that wonderful things are coming soon.

Anna: Well, they are. And here’s what it was occurring to me too about, about both of you is doing a book brings up so much fear that people don’t acknowledge and it’s like, one of my biggest problems is that people don’t see it. I see it. And then it makes them do all sorts of things. Usually not move forward with their book at all. Sometimes it’s, they obsess over every comma. And, and I would say with that…

Tamar: I did that, remember?

Anna: Oh, I remember. But see, Carla, I will say from the very beginning, we took our time with it. I know you said it happened really quickly. But what I really liked about you, as you were like, let’s take this over a year. That was actually for us a very long time to work on a project. And I would say things as I was reading it going, this is really good. And you write back and go, really? Like you didn’t know it, you were acknowledging that like, to me it was so obvious. And, and then and Tamar, because we’re friends you admitted when you know, we were sort of like, we need to hear back from you on this and this. And you said to me, you were like, maybe I’m not yet responding so quickly, because I’m scared. Do you remember you said that to me?

Tamar: Yeah, I did.

Anna: And so what would you tell people who, who, I mean, I think the main thing is be aware of the fact that it’s going to trigger your fear. And most of us have defense mechanisms that don’t allow us to acknowledge that.

Tamar: Yeah, I think that the most important thing is, even though we’re talking about all the wins of writing the book, I think at the end of the day, the biggest reason to write the book is for yourself.

Anna: Yeah.

Tamar: So when you let, when you, you have the fear. And then you also have the part of you that really has this in your heart, that wants to leave something for your kids. That wants to leave something for other people. That wants to be an expression in the world through a book. And if you focus on that, and you know that that is the goal, then it’s a lot easier when the fear comes up to say, hey, I know why I’m doing this. I have a bigger why than my fear. Because…

Anna: Yes.

Tamar: Let’s face it, I mean, fear is just, it just sucks the life out of you. And there’s just, at a certain point, we know that all of our successes are going to come as we conquer each chapter that we’re afraid of, no pun intended.

Anna: Yes. What about you, Carla, in terms of fear around it?

Carla: Oh, I was terrified. I wasn’t ready to sign the final form. I couldn’t sleep for a few days. In particular, because I, I expose very vulnerable aspects of my life, of my family, my dad, and, and it was difficult. In fact, I had to have the conversation with my dad. And I told him, Dad I know you’re excited about me writing the book, but I just have to tell you that there are chapters that you’re not going to enjoy. But then I also explained that the reason why I did it was to also inspire people that are going through challenges. And to keep, but to keep going because there is some light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to keep on going and, and be afraid and do it anyway.

Anna: Yeah, absolutely. And was his, what was his response, when he read the parts? Was it not as bad as you thought?

Carla: Oh, he hasn’t read it because he doesn’t speak English. So he’s waiting for the Spanish version. So there’s still some fear inside me. I have to be honest.

Anna: You can still change some stuff… [inaudible] differently. No, I’m kidding. But you know what’s interesting about that, and I don’t know if you’ve, okay, so my very first client is this guy named Darren Prince who basically, I have a business because he insisted that we write and publish his book. He’s a sports agent. His book is about his addiction and recovery. This has nothing to do with sports agenting. And he told me, it transformed his business because every negotiation turned into a conversation between friends. Because they knew these incredibly personal things about him. So I don’t know if you’ve experienced that, or if, you know, fear around, exposing that stuff. We just think we’re going to be judged and it’s always the opposite. People love us more for it. Have you…

Carla: Yeah, because…

Tamar: Absolutely. 100 percent.

Anna: So Okay, Tamar you go first. How?

Tamar: Well, I was gonna say that I feel that the vulnerability is what makes us relatable. It makes us human. Because we’re all afraid to fail. We’re afraid to look stupid, we’re afraid to have mud on our face. And the truth is, we all have a version of that. And so when we’re willing to expose ourselves and say, hey, I had the same thing, then you don’t feel so alone. It also inspires a lot of people when they read my book, and when they read Carla’s book, to invest in real estate, because they see, hey, you know, this Latina lady did it. She didn’t have any money. And she figured it out. I can do this. This child of a Holocaust survivor did it…

Anna: Yeah.

Tamar: And can figure it out. So I just, I just think that it’s, it’s also I think, our calling, our yearning to be vulnerable. I think we want people to see us, we want to connect, we don’t want to live a life alone and fearful. So I think that that’s another opportunity that the book gives us.

Anna: Mm hmm. Absolutely. What about you Carla, do you have anything to add to that?

Carla: I agree 100% with Tamar. A lot, what, what I’ve heard is that some people have told me, wow, I didn’t know that you went through so many difficult things. Because from the outside, it looks like everything is easy. And it’s success after success. And that things just, they would appear to just come easily. And the reality is that we struggle like everybody else. It’s just a matter of getting that armor, right? And that mindset to say, okay, I’m going through difficult things. I am going to conquer it. I will find a way. And I could see that that inspired and empowered a lot of people because, especially on Saturday, they were like, oh my God, you are, you are so relatable. You’re not that different from me. And before reading the book, it seemed like you were just luckier or had everything work for you. And no, you’ve gone through challenges. So, so I think like Tamar said, it’s important to be vulnerable, and to show everyone that we’re human, and we all made, make mistakes. And it’s not a matter of how many times we fall down. It’s a matter of how many times we get back up.

Anna: I’m so sorry. My cat is very drawn to you ladies.

Tamar: We are always welcome to bring Bernie along for the ride. We like Bernie.

Anna: Do you know that Tamar stayed with me and Bernie would wait outside the bathroom door for her total obsession with Tamar. So I’m sure that’s, that’s why.

Tamar: and I was sort of mean to Bernie because I locked him out of my room.

Anna: Typical man. That’s why he fell for you. It’s, so one of my favorite sort of client stories is when we were getting our cake ready to send Tamar. Carla, we sent you cookies and…

Carla: Thank you so much. I love them. I was so busy during those days trying to plan everything. I’m like, I keep forgetting I actually have a video that I’m ready to post.

Anna: Oh, you have to because we obsessed over what’s the best thing you can send somebody that would make you know, it just feel like their, you know, coming out party. And so we were doing cakes. And then we thought, well the cake gets eaten. If we send it in a cookie package, then they can use that forever. Tamar, I’m so sorry but…

Tamar: The cake worked out. The cake has a great ending to the story, though.

Anna: What happened? What happened with the cake, Tamar?

Tamar: I had a beautiful cake delivered to my home in Austin. And it said The Millionaire’s Mentality, it looked exactly like my book. It was amazing. And a, a couple days later, the owner of the cake company called me and hired me. So right there, it was a great, it was a great success story. And, and I also wanted to share another aspect that I think is important with, with books and with, with getting it done. So a lot of people think, I don’t want to spend the money because I don’t know if I’m gonna get an ROI on this, return on investment. And so they don’t want to pay money for books. And part of the way that you get it done is by hiring a company like Legacy Launch Pad to help you execute on, on whatever level it is. And so I just wanted to say that, you know, as you’re going through it, and you know, Carla also, she, you know, invested in herself in, in getting the book done. And that, one it got me to that, it got both of us to the finish line. And the other thing was that the, the return on investment has been exponential and it really is a gift that keeps giving. So I think it’s worth, definitely worth the investment to, to work with professionals that know what they’re doing. Because a lot of times those things can stop us, especially when we’re afraid and we think, oh it’s too complicated. There’s too many moving parts. I can’t get through it. If you have a team in place that can help you, coach you along and help you get it done, it boy, does it, it basically is the difference between doing it and not doing it.

Anna: Yeah, there’s like a quick thing. I don’t know, I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this on this podcast before. But I was at an event. And I met this guy who was like, exited his company for multi-millions. And he was very proud of the fact that he had hired a very inexpensive book publisher to do his book. And he showed me. And it, online, it looks terrible. More importantly, he has the same name as like a serial killer, literally. And his Google presence was so not good. That literally, it would say his name and show a picture of the killer. It wasn’t a serial killer. It was like a terrible person. I blocked out what the person did. And had he used a real company, his Google presence overnight would have been known as an author. But instead it’s literally known as like a murderer or something terrible, simply because he wanted to, like, save the money and do it that way. It just killed me. And I said, you shouldn’t have done it. And he goes, oh, no, I paid all this money to try to get this, my name not associated with this guy’s and I’m like, all you actually had to do was do a book and then have a press release go out, and have it go to 6000 outlets, and it would have changed overnight. Okay, but Carla, did you want to add anything to like, you know, I like this idea of it being an investment in yourself, the same way people do personal development or masterminds?

Carla: It is, it is and it pays off to work with someone that knows what they’re doing. I have a few friends that are authors as well, they’ve written a few books, and they all want their, your contact now, because they were impressed on the quality of the print, of the book, of the cover, of the design, of everything.

Anna: This is not meant to be a commercial, listeners. There are other companies like ours that, you know, frankly, cost less, and, and some of them are good. And then there are places that cost a lot more, but it’s really about what your, what your intention is, what your why is. And I think it’s wonderful to help people. But I always say, if you just want to help people go volunteer, because it’s a lot easier and less expensive than doing a book. So you can absolutely help people and have a great ROI for yourself. They are not mutually exclusive. Right?

Tamar: Yes. 100%. 100%. And you can, you can Venmo us both. We gave you our link, right?

Anna: Yeah, for the referral fees (laughs). So okay, so and I also wanted to talk about what, so Tamar became a Cover Girl. Let’s talk about that. And how that had to do with the book.

Tamar: Yeah, so I spent some, I spent again, investing in myself in some PR when the book came out. And one of the opportunities that was pursued was Austin Women’s Magazine. And they called me and asked me to do a cover story. And it was a five-page spread on me. I got, I mean, even if I didn’t get any clients from it, just those photos were spectacular. And the way that they styled me and the story that they shared about me. And they never would have seen me in the same way if I wasn’t a published author. I think it definitely elevated the, the resume and had them really feel that I was someone that they wanted to represent on the cover of the magazine. So that was a huge win for me.

Anna: I love it. I love it. And so Carla what, so the idea, so you are going to, you have a coaching program, tell us about the business plan, the ROI, getting the money back times 100.

Carla: I have a coaching program. I, initially I was going to charge a lot less but now that I’m a published author and that (laughs) and I have the confidence of sharing that knowledge, and knowing that, that all the knowledge that we have has so much value, more than what I wanted to charge initially. So now I’m increasing the price. I already have people that believe that it’s a super fair price to pay even if it’s three times more than when I initially had intended to. And I can see just from, from that coaching program and from people knowing that I’m already a published author that it’s, that my opinion has value. I’m already seeing that ROI and that aspect.

Anna: I love it. Now what is your, and this is not like don’t, it’s not working with us. What is the smartest thing you did? Like, what was the, was it the launch squad? Was it the party? Like, what was the best, what would be your advice for, for somebody who might be doing it on their own? Like, what can you, what do you need to do? What was the most successful aspect of your launch?

Carla: I think, to not reinvent the wheel, to follow experts’ advice and to do everything. Because I don’t think it’s only one of the things that I’m more, that has worked best because everything really worked. It’s the social media. It’s the definitely the book launch squad.

Anna: Yeah.

Carla: Already having those reviews, the party as well, gives so much more exposure. So I think doing everything, not, not just picking and choosing, but you guys gave us recommendations. You’re experts, you already know what works. And I did everything.

Anna: Yeah. And you’re the first book that we’re publishing in another language, which is kind of exciting for us.

Carla: Oh, fun!

Anna: And so you wanted to do that. Because from the very beginning, you were like, this is, this is for everyone. We talk a little bit about your decision to want to do both.

Carla: Yes. Yes, well, because I was born and raised. I’m a Latina, and most of my family only speak Spanish. I think the, the message is powerful. And it’s important to write it in Spanish, because I don’t know that many inspirational books in, that are written in Spanish that I could relate to. I mean, of course, there’s the, the big ones, right, The 5 AM Club, etc. But, I really wanted to also do a service to my Latino community. So I’m excited about that.

Anna: I love it. So Tamar, what was the most useful thing, like what, what’s a can’t miss on your launch? For people?

Tamar: I would say, definitely doing the, the what you call the launch squad, but anybody can do it. It’s basically before your book is released, get some friends to review it on Amazon, and start building up the review so that you don’t look like that person that has like two reviews. Because it kind of says like, why do I want to read this book. So you want to have at least 100 reviews on there, so that you feel like you’re, like people might take notice that don’t know about you. The second thing is to just really be proactive about sharing the book. I tried it wherever I go, I try to bring a couple books with me. And I give them out. And I just spread the love because I want other people, women, is because that’s who I wrote the book for, to read the book. And so for me a, having the books with me, making sure that I’m actively sharing it, putting it wherever anyone will let, allow me. Doing some businesses, they sponsor books for the month, and when you sign up with them, they’ll share the book that would, that’s another way. And I just, I just think that you can’t, you can’t share it enough and, and give it out enough.

Anna: Have you left it in random places? Like a Starbucks [inaudible]?

Tamar: I haven’t left it in random places. But boy, that’s kind of a cool idea. Maybe I will do that. That might be fun. Maybe I’ll just go put some in Whole Foods and sign them…

Anna: Exactly, where your clients are. I left a water bottle for Launch Pad in a fancy Vegas gym. And I was like, oh, I need to go get that. And I’m like, maybe I don’t, maybe it’s better if someone finds it. But wait, I have a question. What did you just say about businesses sponsoring your book, what’s that?

Tamar: Oh, so I had for example, I had a friend that owns a company that does self-directed IRAs. And, and so she sets those, she sets those plans up. So when every month she has a different book that she shares with clients. And when they sign up, she gave them a copy of my book and included it with the welcome package. So things like that. I have a friend that has a title company, and she also got some books and then shared them with her clients and sent them out.

Anna: That’s really smart. So anyone who has, you know, because Tamar’s book is about real estate, it makes sense for that. But everybody’s got some sort of an industry where if you’re doing a how-to book, it can teach people how to do something. And it’ll make them look good to know an author that they can send it out. Well, okay, so as we, as we wrap up, what, is there anything I didn’t ask you guys that you want to add about doing a book, launching a book? Tamar’s looking at her notes.

Tamar: I’m looking at my notes just to make sure I didn’t leave anything out.

Anna: Anything?

Tamar: Well, on my notes, I mean, my, my main thing is, is really, if you have, if you have it in your heart to write a book, if you feel that you have a message, if you feel you have a story you want to share, if you feel like you want to leave it for your children, or for friends, or for the world. It’s going to live beyond you and that is a really cool concept. It’s just like having like, it’s, it’s so, it’s not like having a kid. I mean, having kids is much better. But I mean, you know, but you know, your kids live beyond you like a book lives beyond you. It’s a, it’s a legacy. And, and that is pretty prolific for me. So I think that if you have that in your heart, then just, I would say that that’s the most important thing to just get off, get off the, the, the fear seat and just get going on it and do it.

Anna: I love it. Carla, what about you?

Carla: It’s a great way to transcend, like Tamar said, and that’s where the courage comes from, from being afraid and, and, and still doing it because the fear is going to be there, right, to expose your ideas, to expose yourself, to be vulnerable. But when you tap into a bigger why, when it’s no longer about just you, but inspiring and helping other people. That can take you forward with that courage and moving along.

Anna: I love it. So if people want to find you guys, where should they go online?

Carla: My website

Anna: I love it.

Tamar: And you can get my book at

Anna: Love it. Well, thanks you guys. Thank you lovely ladies, and thanks you all listeners for listening. I’ll see you next week.

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